I was tasked with creating a website to showcase the frontend coding skills I've learnt. The purpose of this project is to promote a club night, Contact, which was formerly running in Aberdeen. Jonny Kennedy runs the club night along with being a DJ. Having gone on hiatus he is now looking to start the club night up in Aberdeen again. A venue has been secured but in order to keep the night running it must make a certain amount of money each night. Previously only Facebook was used to advertise but now Contact is looking to utilise a website in order to provide a larger online presence to create further advertising along with having a way for users to get in touch should they want to book further events. I was approached to create a stylish site which provides easy navigation to the user. The main features required by Contact were providing the users with all the information needed to promote their club night & also to have a contact section so bookings can be made. The site was created on Github.
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